Dating as far back to the medieval ages, Chawla D’oro boasts a royal connection with the production of its Glera grape also known as (Prosecco). With over a thousand years dedicated to preserving the agricultural heritage and vineyards, the history dates back to 958 A.D. in the region of Treviso Italy, the home of Prosecco and exceptional wine making.


A main variety of Prosecco, the Glera grape represents the heart of Chawla D’oro’s wine production. With 150 acres of 371 acres dedicated to these noble brand varieties, we are devoted to producing high-quality beverages.  Our philosophy behind the Glera grape is for the fruit’s natural qualities to be gloriously self-evident. We aim to produce these grand flavours using grapes from the Valdobbiadene region to produce our sparkling wine Chawla D’Oro. Glera grapes from the Valdobbiadene hills, are characterised by emphatic notes of herbs, pungent hedgerow present a pleasant taste on the palate.  The Glera grape, which as a nose, are hallmarked for their distinct fragrance with ripe peach, pear and a smooth creamier texture on the pallet.


The Chawla D’oro extra dry Treviso DOC production takes place within the historic walls of a Castello in the heart Susegana. In 1904, the then Count built a specialised production facility to meet the requirements of scientific agricultural advancement, the Count’s production facility hosted an embarrassingly modern facility for its time; this included Modern facilities such as wine cellars, offices, lodgings, horse stables, machinery and agricultural tools custom-designed by the young engineer Carpenè Malvolti.